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"We are a music school dedicated to teaching young musicians."
"Our teachers are not only musicians but also university graduates with course study in performing arts..."

Rock Academy is a family-owned music school that has been around since 2007.  Our students come together to meet other young musicians, form bands, and perform concerts, all under the direction of professional musicians.  We create a highly focused and fun learning environment specifically designed to encourage, engage, and showcase the talents of our students.

If you've never played an instrument or if you consider yourself accomplished, RA is an excellent place for you.  Each private lesson is tailored to individual needs and goals.  We encourage our private-lesson students to participate in Rock Academy house bands.  Weekly private lessons coupled with RA band lessons are the best way to learn and help improve music skill.  We are experts at pairing young musicians with our professional music teachers, whose focus is teamwork, communication, rehearsal structure, performance, and musical expression.  Our teachers are musicians and university graduates with course study in performing arts who work with students on songs, composition, timing, cueing, performance skills, and decision making.



Our son loves Rock Academy and it has taught him (and all the kids for that matter) so much about music, performing, and performing music with people over these past few years. It is a great way to incorporate what they learn in music lessons and take it to the next step.



Mom, I found my people!



Thank you and the staff for their work. You provide a very valuable experience for our young musicians. Just think of how they will look back fondly at the memories you provide. You are an important part in shaping their future be it in music or not.These experiences will affect them for the rest of their lives. Nice legacy to leave, congratulations!

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