"Thank you and the staff for their work. You provide a very valuable experience for our young musicians. Just think of how they will look back fondly at the memories you provide. You are an important part in shaping their future be it in music or not. These experiences will affect them for the rest of their lives. Nice legacy to leave, congratulations!"

“Our son loves Rock Academy and it has taught him (and all the kids for that matter) so much about music, performing, and performing music with people over these past few years. It is a great way to incorporate what they learn in music lessons and take it to the next step.”

“The program has been absolutely wonderful for our son, and I only wish we would've found you sooner!  Nothing but instruction can get pretty dry at times at this age, and Rock Academy, most importantly, exposed him to the experience of music and performance, the reality of it, and showed him the end to the means - the truly fun part, and equally educational!”

“Thank you for such an awesome concert!  We look forward to the longer band sessions and look forward to more surprises.  Thank you for all of your dedication to these kids, it means so much to them.”

"The concert yesterday was definitely the best yet.  We absolutely love Rock Academy! Thank you!!!"

"He felt great about the show and whatever confidence he took into was thanks to your help. It is really appreciated."

“Thanks to all the great teachers at Rock Academy!”

“Mom!  I’ve found my people!”


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